For food, cosmetic or medical bottle

      The system is designed to use for a wide range of types of bottles that need washing before running into the filling machine. 

      The bottle will be rising by recycling hot water two times and the last with clean water or RO water. 

      After that, the water will be removed by compressed air and hot air. 

       Finally, blow the cold air to cool down the bottle.

    The running mode could be adjusted following the bottle material.

Cleaning ProcessTimeTempurature
Rising by cycle water
7-12 sec80-90⁰C
Rising by clean water 7-12 sec 80-90⁰C
Rising by clean or (RO) water
7-12 sec 80-90⁰C
Blow water by compressed air 1-2 sec 5 bar
Drying by hot air 70-120 sec 80-150⁰C
Cooling down by fresh air 35-60 sec 30⁰C
Cooling down by cold air 35-60 sec 22⁰C


Machine Specifications Unit Parameters
Operation ShiftShift2
Productivity 3600
Quality CSA Mark
Efficiency (OEE) %90
Product DimensionmmD = (20-80)
H = (70-150)
Equipment ListDescriptionBrand Name
Electrical Component Controller, CB, SensorOmron, Mitsubishi
Pneumatic Valve, CylinderFesto
Commercial Mechanical Part Bearing, Chain, PulleyMisumi
Fabricate Part SUS304 Robolinks
PumpStainless Steel Pump

Range Product Applicable