Time To Rethink Automated End-of-Line Solutions

Achieve perfect case packing for pouches without affecting production efficiency.

A Integrated Solution for Packaging Various Bagged Products including 3 main functions: erector, sorting and carton sealing in one machine. Optional for defect checking, checkweigher. All thing will have in a compact design and able to expand when needed.

The product benefits:

– Saving pace

– Saving time

– Saving money

High Speed Pick & Place

- Suitable for high productivity line
- Variable speed

Plug & Play Machine

- Minimum Connection Port - EtherCat Comunication - Easy to install

Able To Upgrade

- Capable to expand to increase productivity - Modulize design easy to replace and upgrade

Reliable Machine Vision

- Machine learning technology - Create recipe unlimited - No need more fee for new product

Flexibility & Able to Change

- Just tool changing to change-over - Minimum mechanical adjustment

HMI: PackML Standard

- Iconic user interface - Standardize design for packing machine - Easy to learn and operate

User-friendly interface

- Standadize user interface base one international standard for packing machine- PACKML - Iconic interface is easy to access, convenient for users

Machine Vision Interface

- Using machine learning vision system for robot orientation - Teaching mode to apply new recipe


Machine Specifications Unit Parameters
Operation ShiftShift3
Productivity Pick/min100
Quality CSA Mark
Efficiency (OEE) %90
Product DimensionmmW = (10-150)
L = (15-200)
H = (10-100)
BoxDimensionmmW = (200-450)
L = (100-400)
H = (100-600)
Specifications Units Parameters
Work Space mRxH = (1100x400)
Payload kg3-8
Equipment ListDescriptionBrand Name
Electrical Component CB, Sensor, Relay,...Omron, Schneider
Pneumatic Valve, CylinderSMC
Commercial Mechanical Part Bearing, Chain, PulleyMisumi
Fabricate Part SUS304 Robolinks
Machine VisionCameraBasler

Range Product Applicable

Secondary Packaging

– Variety of shapes: plastic bottles, plastic bags, boxes, or special shapes

-Wide range of products: liquid products, powder products, vacuum bag products