Complete solutions for bagged product

Maximum Standardize| Minimum Customize 

A Complete Solution for Packaging Various Bagged Products where Applying the trend of robot automation technology. 

Image processing technology with high reliability, can meet production needs from different industries in the field of consumer goods production.

Range Product Applicable

Primary Pakaging:

- Agricultural: Fruit Picking
- Sea food: Chrimp packing, chrimp head cutting, Chrimp Sizing
- Processed Food: fish fillet packing

Secondary Packaging

- Variety of shapes: plastic bottles, plastic bags, boxes, or special shapes
-Wide range of products: liquid products, powder products, vacuum bag products

High Speed Pick & Place

- Suitable for high productivity line
- Variable speed

Plug & Play Machine

- Minimum Connection Port
- EtherCat Comunication
- Easy to install

Able To Upgrade

- Capable to expand to increase productivity
- Modulize design easy to replace and upgrade

Reliable Machine Vision

- Machine learning technology
- Create recipe unlimited
- No need more fee for new product

Flexibility & Able to Change

- Just tool changing to change-over
- Minimum mechanical adjustment

HMI: PackML Standard

- Iconic user interface
- Standardize design for packing machine
- Easy to learn and operate

User-friendly interface

- Standadize user interface base one international standard for packing machine- PACKML
- Iconic interface is easy to access, convenient for users

Machine Vision Interface

- Using machine learning vision system for robot orientation
- Teaching mode to apply new recipe


Machine Specifications Unit Parameters
Operation ShiftShift3
Productivity Pick/min200
Quality CSA Mark
Efficiency (OEE) %90
Product DimensionmmW = (10-150)
L = (15-200)
H = (10-100)
BoxDimensionmmW = (200-450)
L = (100-400)
H = (100-600)
Specifications Units Parameters
Work Space mRxH = (1100x400)
Payload kg3-8
Equipment ListDescriptionBrand Name
Electrical Component CB, Sensor, Relay,...Omron, Schneider
Pneumatic Valve, CylinderSMC
Commercial Mechanical Part Bearing, Chain, PulleyMisumi
Fabricate Part SUS304 Robolinks
Machine VisionCameraBasler